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Steve Elam is available for readings, talks, and discussions.  

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Steve Elam

Steve Elam is a novelist based in Washington State's Puget Sound area, but also spends considerable time in West Michigan conducting research, attending author events, visiting family and friends, or enjoying the fabulous sugar sand beaches of Lake Michigan.

Steve's action-packed novels employ a Common Man theme driven by an assortment of colorful characters, many of whom are drawn from people in Steve's past, his experiences while serving in the U.S. Navy as a gunners mate technician specializing in anti-submarine warfare, or his 23 years working for the Washington State Legislature and lobbying firm of Chiechi & Associates.


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Steve's popular “Enemies Within the Gates” series include Backslide (2012), Pipeline (2016), and Downriver (TBA). The books follow the thriiling exploits of ex-Navy SEAL Billy Ray Jenkins in his war against a ruthless international drug cartel, radical Islamic terrorists, and an assortment of other evildoers. With the help of a hardboiled FBI agent, a mysterious government operative, plus two of the hottest women no Special Ops team should be without––a clinical psychologist and an intrepid crime reporter––Billy Ray Jenkins battles impossible odds to defeat diabolical enemies hell-bent on destroying America.

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