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About the Author

Steve Elam

Steve hails from the Grand Rapids, MI area and attended Godwin Heights High School. After graduating in 1976, he enlisted in the US Navy, training and serving as a technician specialized in anti-submarine warfare and a member of a Nuclear Weapons Handling Team. In 1978, Steve’s ship was sent to the Persian Gulf in response to rising tensions in Iran. In February of 1979, the Shah of Iran was overthrown, chaos ensued, and ports of exit were closed. Thousands of American citizens and foreign nationals were trapped. Steve and crew took part in a successful nighttime rescue mission evacuating hundreds of men, women, and children to safety––all foreshadowing darker days ahead and the coming Iran hostage crisis that lasted 444 days, ending on the day of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as President. 

After his military enlistment ended, Steve settled in Olympia, WA and began working for the WA State Legislature, serving in various capacities during his 23 years at the state capitol, the final 15 years managing offices of a half-dozen State Representatives.

Upon retiring from the WA Legislature, Steve worked as a consultant for Vito Chiechi in the lobbying firm of Chiechi and Associates, until Vito’s passing in 2011. Vito had been the Chief Clerk in the House of Representatives before being appointed by President Ronald Reagan as Director of the General Services Administration, Region 10. Steve is proud to have assisted Vito and others in the formation of the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute, dedicated to the legacy of the late Congresswoman and her example of principled governance.

Steve is a graduate of Ambassador College in Big Sandy, TX where he earned an Associate degree in theology before going on to earn a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in Olympia focusing on Public Administration.

Steve splits time researching and writing between homes in the Puget Sound area and Michigan. To schedule an author presentation, contact Steve at:

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